Why do you need a Website Content Strategy?

The short answer is that websites which are full of good quality content have long enjoyed the benefits of great search engine rankings and good conversion rates for visitors. Though this has always been the case, the recent Google updates (Panda and Penguin), have placed an even greater importance on the quality of your website content. It is important to note that website content is not just restricted to text; images, video, and audio are all important too. Ideally you should develop a marketing and content strategy before creating your website. This allows you to determine which pages you will require and the best methods to introduce further information to your visitors or customers.

content marketingReaders love to see high quality content in the form of information and informative articles, they love to read blog posts and also get involved in discussions. Therefore it is vital that online businesses be providing this content. Search Engines love great content too! More content means more pages that target specific search keywords so you can attract highly targeted visitors and lead to improved Google rankings too.

Website content is vital and every page of your site should be set up with your content strategy in mind. It is your responsibility to ensure that visitors have the content they desire which is updated on a regular basis, this will lead to increased traffic, improved conversion rates, and ultimately better profits!

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