Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Blog

all websites today need a blog for fresh content to feed search engines and readers - a picture with BLOG in capitals and a mouse

websites today need a blog

You have probably heard a number of experts in the Internet marketing world proclaiming that every website should have a blog! It may sound like a good idea, but why exactly are blogs essential for business websites? If you’re unsure as to why or you need a little extra convincing, please read on below for a few good reasons why you need a blog and regular new content for your site:

The first and most obvious reason is that blogs help with SEO (search engine optimisation). All search engines, but especially Google, love websites that regularly publish high quality new content, hence they reward them with better rankings and more free traffic. If you have a static website that does not get updated regularly, then adding a blog with some fresh new content is a great way to improve your search engine rankings and get some more traffic! Whatever niche your business is in, there are plenty of ways to develop and add more content.

Blogs can help with repeat visitors too, they are not just for search engines! Many people will bookmark good blogs that are regularly updated with good content, they want to come back

your website needs regularly updated fresh content to be an effective marketing tool

websites need updated fresh content regularly to be effective

again and see what’s new. A website with a good blog will have visitors that return again and again. On the other hand, if a visitor arrives on your site and does not become a client or customer, there is no reason for them to visit again if your website does not regularly update with fresh and interesting content! If you regularly publish high quality, informative content that offers genuine value to your readers, a blog can be a valuable asset and help boost traffic and repeat visitors indefinitely.

Blogs also can help to attract back links, if you publish interesting articles on your blog then other websites could place links to your blog as they will see it as a valuable resource. But websites that have boring, static pages with no fresh content rarely attract natural links. A vibrant blog section on your website can attract natural in-bound links which are not just great for your SEO efforts, they can also bring in profitable referral traffic too!

Remember that blogs can be monetised too, in fact many people make a good living out of blogging! A blog does not just have to just be topical articles of a general nature, they can be useful articles which help visitors understand your product or service, perhaps answering any objections they may have to becoming a client and spending money with you. In summary, blogs are essential for SEO purposes but are also great marketing tools. Once you have built up a loyal army of repeat blog readers, you will have got a captive audience for whenever when you launch a new product, service or special offer. Obviously it takes a long time to build up a decent blog following, but they are without doubt a big marketing asset for website owners.

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