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Writing ongoing interesting seo web Content for your blog

Writing ongoing interesting seo web content for your website is crucial!

Websites only have seconds to capture interest and the initial exposure to your content needs to help visitors determine whether or not they want to spend more time on your site. Today there is simply too much competition for time and you need to give visitors to your site a good reason to stick around, a boring introduction will not cut it! The more competitive your market, the more provocative your content should be, try to be edgy and shake things up, challenge and amuse visitors, while at the same time not be bragging, boasting or annoying. Your website content should be provocative, current and interesting – but how do you find such content?

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  • You can find great content ideas from reading books and relevant publications in your field, then summarize this information on your website as an ongoing project via blog posting.
  • Brainstorm with a group of trusted experts in your industry to create a powerful mastermind group to improve your ideas and creativity.
  • Take a contrarian view on a current subject in your field with the devils advocate position, this can cause visitors to question their views and is often provocative and never boring!
  • Interview experts in your industry. This is a fantastic way to gain new ideas and produce effective content for your website.
  • Share interesting and amusing images, videos and news headlines which are relevant to your industry using social media such Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram to drive consistent traffic to your website over time.

If the above sounds like too much work and you would rather spend your time concentrating on your core business, please get in touch and I will be happy to discuss how I can take care of your content needs on an ongoing basis!

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